Cold water drizzles from the dark sky.

Thick overcast clouds seem to drain the color of what little light streams down. Oddly enough, that comes as a relief to her. Although she can't possibly know the reason, she’s just about sick of bright lights at the moment.

The girl sits propped up against a large brick wall, taking in her new surroundings. Despite the wet cement beneath her and the gentle downpour above, her clothes remain completely dry. The tragic events that occured no more than a few minutes ago are quickly forgotten, drifting away like a distant dream. She stands up, wobbling out of the alley she found herself in.

She was once obsessed with the neverending search of knowledge, always seeking answers about the world around her. Perhaps that is why, as I watched her wander directly to the entrance of the local library, I felt a small giggle rise from inside my chest. No matter what awful things might happen to a person’s soul, it really never changes, does it?

This girl certainly is unique.

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