Hours will pass before the librarian decides to print the card.

Olyvia will glance up from her book to again see the scribbled paper, still waiting next to the customer registry. Displeased with the fact that the card didn’t print itself, she’ll wheel her chair to the monitor, preparing to type in that girl’s name. Upon seeing the vague impressions of letters, seemingly forming some kind of word, she will dutifully type whatever letters she interprets from the girl’s odd scribbles.

When she hits enter, the monochromatic girl who woke up in an alleyway a few hours before will, for the first time, have her new name be legally documented: “Nyanifglhptlrnqvbfr”. The librarian will decide to shorten it to just Nyani F., partly because the full name will be too long to fit on a library card. In truth, she won't be sure she got any of it right at all; she’ll just want to return to her reading.

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