Odd One

For some unexplained reason, the transfer student seems to have taken a liking to me.

He has only been attending here for a week, and I have been trying my best to avoid contact and conversation, so I believe he has some type of infatuation with me. The best way to describe his behavior would be.. “Clingy”. So be it, he is incorrect in the assumption that it would change how I view him.

He is, however, forcing me into conversation nearly every day. It has proven difficult to avoid, for I would rather not sit in awkward silence when he goes as far as to move his desk next to mine. Struggling for a topic to converse, I asked, as the others did, what happened to his right eye. He cheerfully gave yet another nondescript answer. Something vague about losing it in a fight. I followed up with asking what resided in his eyesocket then, and he claimed it was a glass eye. His answer still rings false in my mind. I know for a fact that he can move it, and possibly even see from it.

Not like it matters. It seems each student here has a unique quirk of that sort, none of which are worth pursuing.

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