Three sets of footsteps could be heard, crunching on dead leaves as they made their way through the deciduous forest.

“You came out here all by yourself last night, Fox? We’ve already been walking for like, forty minutes.”


“...Okay then.” Lily turned to look at the girl dragging behind them. “How are you doing, Willow?” It seemed her long green hair kept getting caught in branches.

“Um, I’m okay,” she responded, watching the ground as she walked.

“You sure? I could give you something to tie your hair up. Here, I’ll give you my pin-”

“That’s okay. You keep it.”

“Alright. But give me your hand, I don’t want you getting lost.”

Willow brushed a couple leaves out of her hair and grabbed ahold of Lily’s hand. Her hand felt soft, but her grip was firm.

Fox spoke up. “We’re almost there. Look, it’s basically all Gravewood trees now. I think I went this way here…”

Willow broke her staring contest with the ground and looked up at the mention of Gravewood trees. Her stomach lurched. They’ve officially entered the Gravewood forest, where the bodies of townspeople that have passed away are buried and a unique species of tree grows from their remains. The dry brown leaf floor of the town proper has been replaced with freshly-fallen leaves the abyssal color of burning rain, white veins sticking out of ink-black blades like bones. The air noticably chilled, now adding a trace of mildew to the earthy scent of the woods. Darkness swelled around the group. Far above, the Gravewood trees bury the sky, a thick silver canopy that only lets a mere trickle of sunlight through.

Willow thought she saw a shadow move out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look, but…

“Hey, I think that's it!” Fox pointed at a distant wooden structure, barely visible in the darkness. He dashed towards it, leaving the girls behind.

“Huh. that’s pretty big for a shed,” Lily said to herself.

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