“Hey, you okay, Willow?”

Willow opened her eyes, and saw Lily kneeling beside her.

“Hey, why don’t you come inside, it’s pretty cool in there. I found a scythe.”

With Lily’s help, she picked up her bag and stood up, entering the shed. It actually was pretty cool. There was a bookshelf against the back wall, but it only had a single leatherbound book. Willow brushed the dust off the cover, but it didn’t have any title on the front or the spine. She flipped through a couple pages, each one handwritten on yellow parchment. The handwriting was very sloppy, but legible. She placed it in her bag, making a mental note to read it later.

As she put away the journal, the hairs on her neck suddenly stood up. She felt that familiar creeping feeling right behind her, just out of sight.

“Um, g-guys…”

“Be quiet, I’m trying to read this,” Fox snapped at her, causing her to hold back what she was going to say. She glanced at Lily, but she seemed too busy to notice.

The tingling on her neck became stronger. Willow was sure it was right behind her. She was afraid to turn around.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she whispered to it.

“What do you want?”

“Go away. Please.”

“No, I’m not going to. I won’t turn around.”

She started to get louder.

“I already told you, please just– just go away.”

“I don’t want to know. Just…”


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