Fox and Lily stopped what they were doing and looked at Willow, who looked back at them.

Lily noticed tears starting to form in her eyes, and she was shaking.

“Well damn,” Fox broke the silence, “we weren’t even doing anything.”

Willow’s face scrunched up as she ran outside, leaving her bag on the floor. Lily turned to Fox, who was already back to reading the booklet in his hands.

“Foxtrot,” she spoke sternly, taking the booklet away from him, “did you have to say that? You know how she gets. Have some sympathy! Go outside and apologize to her right now.”

“Shouldn’t she be the one apologizing to us? I mean, she did just yell at us for no reason.”

“Stop kidding around. I brought her here to show her that she shouldn’t be afraid of you.” Lily sighed, slinging Willow's bag over her shoulder. “Please, just… just try being nice for once?”

Fox scoffed, feigning offense. “I’m always nice. You’re crazy.”

“...That’s it.”

“What do you– hey, what are you doing?!”

Putting her hands under Fox’s arms, she picked him up by the armpits and brought him outside the shed.

“Willow!” Lily yelled, “Come here. Fox said he wants to apologize.”

“No I didn’t, this is slander–”

“Shut up,” she said in a hushed voice, then yelled again, “Willooow!”

The two of them waited for a response, but there was none. The only sound was the rustling of leaves above. They stared into the surrounding darkness. Lily broke the brief silence.


They shared a worried look.

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