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fox's COOL page
do you see this shit?


everyone here is STINKS
(except that handsome orange fellow)

lily, with crudely spray-painted doodles. she has been given a top hat and mustache, with red text saying 'OWNED'. her drink is now piss-yellow.

gullible silly ass girl. gets mad when tricked so be careful. has a mustache AND a tophat and drinks pee tea (irrecoverable)

fox, with 'FOX RULZ OK' written over him. an arrow pointing at his head labels him as 'COOL'.
Fox (Foxtrot)

Coolest guy around (true) is always really funny adn and everyone likes him :333

willow, with 'STOOPID' 'LOL' and 'Lalala' written over her. a 'cool S' symbol is drawn as well.

a little crybaby but you're not allowed to say so or lily will destroy you

art by Kinny

a picture of azrael sitting while a hand holds up his hair, showing off his forehead scar. a yellow halo and wings are doodled onto him, with an arrow labelling him as creepy.

does not blink or stop smiling or sleep or even eat?? but its chill he knows how to steal from convience stores thanks to his best and awesome friend Fox

lucille, with 'LOL' drawn over the picture, as well as a cat face and a face with its tongue sticking out with X's over its eyes. on her phone, the text conversation is no longer readable as the word 'SEX' has been drawn over it. in the background, the bloody body in the original picture is no longer visible.

kind of a weirdo. doesnt have any friends or talk to anyone. well almost anyone

leon sitting on a rooftop, the wall of which has a graffiti'd winking face with a tongue sticking out. he has a rifle propped up on the wall of the roof. a label above him reads 'DUMB', and instead of asking for permission to shoot a target, he's saying 'stinky found, i'ma shoot him.' the person in his headset replies 'OK LOL' and leon meows in response. his rifle has a shape of a penis drawn over it.

obsessed with lucille. seems cheerful until he thinks he's alone. hobbies include: rooftop paintball.

lemon, with a lemon (the fruit) and a tulip drawn over her. there is also a face with X's for eyes and the text 'R.I.P'

she went missing after we graduated middle school. some say that on the day she went missing a house burnt down and a gunshot was heard. but thats just a rumor, right?

art by Kurai

nyani, with a speech bubble doodled over her making her say 'bleh'. the face from her shirt has been drawn as well, with its own speech bubble, saying 'yo'.

girl that sits in the back of the class she never speaks or take notes or anything. she doesnt even do her homework how is she still in school lmao

ashe, with bright blue eyes doodled over the black censor bar covering her real eyes. 'HORNY?' is written over her, pointing to her antlers. there is a 'cool S' as well as a failed attempt at one.

??? who

mint, with a dunce cap doodled on his head, and an illuminati symbol (a triangle with one eye) with a question mark next to his head. an arrow points at willow in this picture, calling her tiny.

way overprotective of willow, he and lily are almost like replacement parents

the mysterious owl mask, with 'STALKER?' written over it as well as a wide-eyed staring face (0_0)
some weirdo

willow told us about this guy on the way home. no clue what his deal is