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a tan skinned girl with shoulder-length gray hair and velvet red eyes. she has a hairpin that resembles a ladybug, and is wearing a necklace that looks like the moon. her eyelashes are pointed up sharply. she is smiling, looking down at the cup of hot cocoa in her hand.

A caring girl. She is a lesser water elemental, but doesn't care to show it off. Just wants everyone to get along.

Appearances: First Encounter, The Keeper's Shed, The Scar, Lemon (mentioned), Discovery, Pages (mentioned), Hot Chocolate (minor)

a boy with short messy red hair and freckles, wearing an orange fox hat. he has orange eyes and is looking at the viewer, making a gun shape with his hand because he's cool like that. his eyelashes are wide and point outwards to the sides. this image is clickable, and takes you to a separate webpage.
Fox (Foxtrot)

A transgendered rascal of a man who is as mischievious as he is short. His softer side comes out when his friends are in danger.

Appearances: The Keeper's Shed, The Scar, Discovery, Hot Chocolate (minor)

a girl with long, straight, pale green hair, frowning shyly and holding a microphone. she's wearing a loose light brown sweater and generally looks very huggable. her eyelashes emerge from the bottom of her light green eyes, two lines going down her cheeks like tears.

A shy girl who seems to have a dark secret. Has a brother named Mint.

Appearances: The Keeper's Shed, Report: Case 10270-M (mentioned), Rumor (mentioned), Hot Chocolate

art by Kinny

a very pale boy with longish white hair, gray eyes, and a wide offputting smile with a bright red blush on his cheeks. the background has a tv static effect, with a transparent halo and wings. the angel imagery is not physically part of him, only symbolic. his eyelashes are sharp, protruding downwards from the top into two points.

An odd, yet seemingly harmless boy. Has amnesia and can't remember his life before meeting Lily. His permanent smile can be offputting to others.

Appearances: First Encounter, The Fallen Angel, The Keeper's Shed, The Scar, Pages, Hot Chocolate

art by hamptercatapult

a girl with reddish pink hair and green eyes smirking, looking behind her. she has freckles and bears a flower crown with pretty white flowers. she's wearing a pink tank top and has various light scratches on her shoulders and arms.

Full name: Mayapple. June's twin, yet often overlooked by everyone.

Appearances: Mayapple

art by spxartblog

a nonbinary person with thick long brown hair in a braid and freckles all over their face. their brown eyes look at the camera through large circular glasses, half closed in an 'im sick of your shit' expression. they're wearing a green sweater and one large earring on their right ear. it's a teardrop shape, gold with a ruby or other red gem in the center.

Full name: Juniper. May's twin, and a greater earth elemental. Despite feelings of resentment between the twins, they still care for their sister.

Appearances: Mayapple

art by spxartblog

a girl with bright pink hair and red eyes. she is looking away from the camera, instead focusing on the smartphone in her hand. her eyelashes are long and thin, rising upward innocently in two strands on each eye. she's standing in a dark room, and in the background there is a body with blood splattered on the clothes, on the wall and pooling on the floor. on her phone is a text conversation between her and another person which reads: 'do u want 2 see me again?' 'You just told me you stabbed your boyfriend' 'awww r u scared' 'Yes'. she is smiling, about to reply with a 'Lol'.

An ordinary high school girl with a deadly hobby.

Appearances: Lucille, Leon, School Sleepover

a boy with short brown hair making a V shape with his fingers over his right eye. his left eye is closed, and he has a friendly smirk. he has multiple piercings on both his ears. on his cheek below is left eye is a tattoo of a 5 pointed star. his right eye is surgically modified and has a crosshair design on it.

Trained to be an assassin, behind his cheery facade is a corrupted past. His mission, given by his father, is to kill Lucille. His right eye is modified to help aim with a gun.

Appearances: Lucille, Leon, Lemon (mentioned), School Sleepover

a pale girl with shoulder-length yellow (not blonde) hair and a green ahoge sticking up from the top like a leaf. she's wearing a school uniform and is offering a ladybug pin, blushing slightly. her purple-colored eyes are slanted and her eyelashes point outwards, softly and naturally forming two points.

A curious girl who disappeared during an incident a couple years ago. Gifted Lily a ladybug hairpin for her birthday.

Appearances: First Encounter (mentioned), Lemon, School Sleepover (in a dream)

art by Kurai

a girl with paper-white skin contrasted by her black hair and clothes. she's floating casually in space with many white stars visible behind her. her hair stops at her shoulders, and she has an ahoge sticking up at the top of her head. her black-colored eyes are slanted and her eyelashes point outwards, softly and naturally forming two points. she's wearing a t-shirt that resembles a neutral face wearing sunglasses, reflecting the girl's own expression.

A mute girl who seems to always have something on her mind. Woke up in an alley one day with no memories.

Appearances: Lemon, The Cat, Intervention

a monochrome woman with white skin and a black sweater and skirt, descending from a gray sky with godrays behind her. she has six black wings and two white horns. her eyes are blank, crudely drawn ovals that are squinted like she's smiling despite not having a mouth.

It's her duty to guide souls that lose their flesh.

Appearances: Lemon, The Cat, Intervention

a girl with short, messy brown hair wearing a green dress with sleeves that go over her arms. a belt goes around her abdomen with a large buckle resembling a pink flower. she's raising her hand and smiling, as if waving to a friend. she has a large visible fang. on her head, two large antlers are growing, with the largest section of her left antler broken off. her eyes are covered by an ominous black censor bar.

In her past, she was meant to be a sacrifice.

Appearances: Lament, The Fallen Angel (mentioned), Pages (mentioned)

an older boy with dark green hair and rectangular bangs wearing a formal looking suit. on his face is an eyepatch covering his left eye, with a scar barely visible from underneath. he's smiling, looking down at Willow as he rests his arm on her head. Willow appears distressed. his eyelashes emerge from the bottom of his dark green eyes, two lines going down his cheeks like tears.

Willow's older brother. Lost his eye protecting her, and has assumed a parental role over her.

Appearances: Report: Case 10270-M

a masculine person with long, unkept blond hair wearing a large brown toga-esque shirt with golden highlights. half of their face is covered in red wormlike tubes, almost as if their skin had come off. their wormlike flesh parts to reveal a black void where the eye is. their eye is a small white dot looking directly at the camera. he's holding a golden masquerade-style mask resembling the face of an owl close to his face, obscuring his normal eye.

Dwells in the woods. They are the earth incarnate. Had a sister, but something happened to her.

Appearances: The Keeper's Shed, Mayapple